Country Club For The Bold

By gonzalezgirls | March 23, 2016

For all those stuffy members that belong to high society clubs, it’s time to put a modern twist on old traditions! I can honestly say I would be the first to get kicked out because of my bold behavior. I don’t do well with rules or conformity. However, being bad never looked so good!

What I Wore: rose gold watch, black beanie, boys club sweater, sundance aviator shades by Quay, & patent sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

white leather midi skirt (Zara)

black tights (Target)

 Jaded LA_3112 Jaded LA_3167 Jaded LA_3187 Jaded LA_3127 Jaded LA_3139 Jaded LA_3151 Jaded LA_3169 Jaded LA_3156 Jaded LA_3188 Jaded LA_3089Jaded LA_3131