Brocade Ballerina

By gonzalezgirls | January 5, 2016

I’ve developed an obsession with anything and everything with brocade designs! Finding them are pretty easy, but finding the designs on both sides is even more unique. If you can get your hands on any brocade apparel or accessories, you will want to hold on to this timeless piece forever. The quality of these woven designs bring a touch of grace and elegance, even to a badass city girl!

What I Wore: shades of night knit sweater, mirrored Isabelle cat-eye shades by Quay, Nina white leather oxfords by Swear (Nastygal)

white leather midi shirt (Zara)

Jaded LA_2840Jaded LA_2830Jaded LA_2856Jaded LA_2866Jaded LA_2838Jaded LA_2883Jaded LA_2879Jaded LA_2868Jaded LA_2890