Back To Black

By gonzalezgirls | May 12, 2016

“And I tread a troubled track
My odds are stacked
I’ll go back to black”

By Amy Winehouse

I actually love love love wearing black!!! Maybe it’s because I have a massive dark side? Whatever the reason is, you can never go wrong in black! Pairing multiple black textures will keep you looking quite chic! It’s always a good time to go back to black!

What I Wore: black shorts, black pussy bow blouse, black vintage oversized leather jacket, & black booties by Shoe Cult (Nastygal)

vintage black smile circle shades (RockNRollFleaMarket)

black boater hat (LackOfColor)

black socks (Target)

Jaded LA_8530Jaded LA_8531Jaded LA_8488Jaded LA_8513Jaded LA_8495Jaded LA_8511Jaded LA_8505