Austrian Flavor

By gonzalezgirls | August 10, 2015

Welcome to Bier Beisl! This DTLA Hotspot is the newest edition to the Spring Arcade. Chef Bernard Mairinger is dishing up authentic Austrian flavor, and I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind this fabulous Austrian cuisine. His stellar menu offers a wide array of Austrian specialties, as well as a fresh Bakery. His sauces are house-made, and all the ingredients were selected specifically by the Chef himself to ensure the quality. I immediately felt transported the second the food arrived! We began our heavenly feast with the Bier Beisl House Salad, which is not your typical salad, it’s loaded with crispy Pork Belly, corn, butter lettuce, parmesan, pumpkin seed oil, and radishes. This savory salad is out of this world, which was more than enjoyed by this meat eater! We then shared a sausage sampler platter that included the Käsekrainer, which is infused with swiss cheese, the Debreziner, which was perfectly spiced, however my personal favorite is the Nürnberger, which is a classic German bratwurst made with veal and pork. Chef Bernard chose the Bier Beisl house beer for us, at first glance I was nervous about a dark beer but this was so light weight, smooth and paired flawlessly! Beer lovers will be happy to know they offer over 40 imported beers! We now moved on to a crispy Turkey Schnizel Sandwich along with addicting Curry Fries and house-made ketchup! All I can say is Bravo! For dessert, we tried an assortment of sweet pastries and cakes, and washed it down with a Lager Beer infused with chocolate….mmm….Dessert lovers, this is the ultimate place to come! I was insanely impressed by the authenticity of every bite! This passionate Chef has also creatively handcrafted his own wooden trays, which compliments the modern casual European-style ambiance. He operates on a European system and I truly appreciate that he wants everyone he works with to give the food the respect that it deserves. It’s refreshing to see an owner who takes care of his employees, and by adopting a more european way of running his business, Bier Beisl has been staffed to succeed, and I think they will prove to become a DTLA staple quite soon.  I have to say the coolest part about this Hotspot is that it’s open till 2am everyday, which is perfect for all those “night owls” like me, constantly searching for a place that is open after 11pm. Truly one of a kind, so I found it only necessary to declare Bier Beisl the Jaded LA business of the week! So grab some friends or the one you love and make sure you bring your appetite to this charming European Hotspot!

What I Wore: matching floral crop top and midi skirt (Ilovefashionboutique), Tiffany shades (Tiffanys), and black heels (Zara).

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