American Retro

By gonzalezgirls | February 22, 2016

American style can be described as too traditional, so it’s time to shake things up by adding some retro vibes with a carefree attitude to an otherwise classic look! As women, when it comes to style, we hold all the cards. The fashion industry is based on women in power and making a statement with what you wear. Celebrating old traditions is great but making room for new traditions will open you up to freedom and stardom!

What I Wore: ruffled blouse, iridescent circle shades by Quay, gold boots by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

vintage 70s plaid suit jacket (NakedCowgirlVintage)

red pants (Forever21)

Jaded LA_0146 Jaded LA_0169 Jaded LA_0180 Jaded LA_0148 Jaded LA_0186 Jaded LA_0246 Jaded LA_0202 Jaded LA_0236 Jaded LA_0228 Jaded LA_0206