American Hustle

By gonzalezgirls | December 5, 2015

This fashion junkie is totally obsessed with the iconic style in the film, American Hustle! The fabulous, Amy Adams, was my inspiration for this look. She taught us how to be a true hustler, while wearing classic wrap dresses with plunging necklines. So I had to channel her badass 70s style with my own timeless suede wrap dress. We all hustle to get what we want in this crazy world, why not dress the part!

What I Wore: burgundy suede wrap dress (H&M)

silver aviators (Nastygal)

black pony-haired heels by LAMB (Gilt)

Jaded LA_0311 Jaded LA_0329 Jaded LA_0293 Jaded LA_0302 Jaded LA_0332 Jaded LA_0324 Jaded LA_0350 Jaded LA_0347