The 90s Are Alive In DTLA!

By gonzalezgirls | April 12, 2016

My 90s attitude is in full swing! There are dayz when you just don’t want to be f**ked with! Your mood can take over your entire personal style and you just have to run with it! The 90s were all about being undefined and the fashion was no different, you were basically throwing together anything that looked edgy! So if you’re a 90s child, like me, you can totally identify with this hardcore mood!

What I Wore: 2020 denim skirt, mod star irridescent shades by Quay, & Allon lace boots by Report (Nastygal)

vintage leather studded jacket (LadyVagaBondVintage)

collard shirt (Forever21)

striped socks (Target)

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