Werk It!

By gonzalezgirls | July 26, 2015

I needed a little outside inspiration, so I love that I can still get some work done at my “go to” spot, Springtime in NY Cafe. Sometimes you have to get out of your loft and change up your work environment.
It’s easy to get work done and get energized with my favorite Chopped Salad. I always need a weekly dose
of “people watching” to see what the locals are sporting this summer. Then I went to Round2LA to visit my sweet friend, Rocco, at his badass store. I spotted his new shoe line, which is perfect for summer! Rocco carries the coolest hats, so I had to find a hat that speaks to my soul. I always have a blast in his store, so I decided to share a silly little shopping video you all!

What I Wore: Idle Summer Dress (Nastygal), blue velvet western booties by To Be Announced (NoSeason), black and gold circle shades (Nastygal).

IMG_8441 IMG_8452 IMG_8480 IMG_8484 IMG_8473 IMG_8488 IMG_8492 IMG_8495