Pervert For President

By gonzalezgirls | March 5, 2016

I nominate the pervert for President! Remember back in the 80s, when porn hustler, Larry Flynt started a campaign to run for President. It was hysterical!!! You can totally find his old campaign videos on youtube, in which he discusses politics and how he really feels about the government. This year, my vote is obvious!! Larry Flynt should run another campaign, I would vote for him, and the Pervert would reign supreme!!

What I Wore: Isabelle cat-eye shades by Quay, blue wool moto jacket, gray socks, & black strap up sandals by Jeffrey Campbell (Nastygal)

classic white ribbed crop sweater (Zara)

blue boater hat (LackOfColor)

black leather pleated skirt (Asos)

Hustler buttons (HustlerHollywoodStore)

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