Mouse Trap

By gonzalezgirls | November 22, 2016

The trap has been set! My eyes are zoomed in on a three-dimensional style, reminiscent of my distorted childhood. Moments built on love, but reduced to a phony fabrication set out to mold me into something I never was…This mad mouse will never be trapped and never be tamed!

What I Wore: mod star irredescent shades by Quay (Nastygal)

hand painted ‘Mickey Eyes’ shirt by Scooter LaForge (PatriciaField)

metallic blue ‘Walton’ boots (JeffreyCampbell)

distressed skinny jeans (Zara)

jaded-la_6053 jaded-la_6115 jaded-la_6090 jaded-la_6133 jaded-la_6103 jaded-la_6122 jaded-la_6069 jaded-la_6080 jaded-la_6143