Modern Shark

By gonzalezgirls | May 2, 2016

My DTLA day began with dancing sharks taking over the city, so I had to take advantage of this wild and colorful scene! Spring has definitely brought a classic edge to fashion, with ruffled tops, structured bags, and mirrored shades. It’s all about the details!!! Finding those interesting modern pieces will make styling your look so damn easy! Don’t feel like a fish out water when it comes to fashion, remember there are no rules for true personal style!

What I Wore: green circle shades by Wildfox (NoSeasonBoutique)

Underwood Iridescent sandals by Privileged (Nastygal)

leather & suede crossbody bag (Mackage)

ruffled blouse (PixieMarket)

black leggings (Zara)

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