Jailhouse Rock

By gonzalezgirls | May 4, 2016

“Everybody in the whole cell block
was dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock”

By Elvis Presley

Calling all jailbirds!  When it comes to fashion, your time served is infinite! Fashion, like rock n roll, will live on forever and will innovate future generations to come! My influencer for this look is none other than Elvis, the man who started in all, from his legendary music to his sequin jumpsuits, what better way to celebrate my insane love for the King, than to hit the streets in my latest inspiration!

What I Wore: Elvis Presley unisex shirt (TheSellOutIsHere)

71 Magnus box leather booties by Atelje (Nastygal)

black & white envelop clutch (Medusa)

striped pants (AmericanApparel)

striped shades (Zara)Jaded LA_7993Jaded LA_7979Jaded LA_7997Jaded LA_8018Jaded LA_7984Jaded LA_8051Jaded LA_7977Jaded LA_8017Jaded LA_8038