Dive Deep Into The Artistic World Of Ron Kibble-Part 1

By gonzalezgirls | January 6, 2017

Get ready to sink deep into the World of Ron Kibble! 

A truly compelling painter who leaves bullshit at the door and brings horrific beauty to wearable art! Mr. Kibble exposes his unapologetic soul through his work, confessing pure honesty to his one of a kind pieces. In order to enter the World of Ron Kibble, you must remove your mask and be open for a brutal self-discovery! Mr. Kibble will lead you into a deviant and delightful temptation, built on authentic emotion. It’s time to open your eyes to a boldness that laughs in the face of censorship!

What I Wore: ‘The Killer In The Room Is Me’ hand painted shirt by Ron Kibble (RonKibbleArt) or (Flasher)