Celebrating Our Independence!

By gonzalezgirls | July 4, 2015

It’s the perfect day to rock those stars and stripes in anyway that you want! I was feelin’ a patriotic 70s vibe with vintage blue flared jeans, beige wedges by Shoe Cult, a white flowy lace top, and a patriotic turband to top it off. I will be celebrating by barbecuing with my lover and waiting for the sky to light with fireworks! There is so much to celebrate and be grateful for! Happy 4th of July DTLA!

What I Wore: vintage blue flared jeans (so vintage that I can’t even remember where I got them), white flowy lace top (I Love Fashion Boutique), beige wedges by Shoe Cult (nastygal.com), and patriotic turband (nastygal.com)

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