In The Trenches of Art

By gonzalezgirls | July 9, 2015

I am incredibly inspired by artists, so I spent the evening at Art Walk in DTLA! As I made my way up and down Spring Street, I scoured through the galleries and local art. I decided to check out the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery, curated by longtime local, Petra Wright. She has been curating for 6 years and brings so much enthusiasm and passion into everything she shows. This Gallery keeps things so lively and fresh with new artists every month. Check out this art gallery and snatch up something special for your loft! Art Walk is full of surprises at every direction you look, so watch art come to life tonight on streets of DTLA!

What I Wore: Black dress (American Apparel), leather wedge booties by Sam Edelman (Nastygal), and black hand-painted trench coat by artist Scooterlaforge (Patricia Field).

IMG_3967 IMG_3928 IMG_3952 IMG_3925 IMG_3923 IMG_3938 IMG_3944 IMG_3943 IMG_3947 IMG_3972 IMG_3958 IMG_3957 IMG_3974 IMG_3968 IMG_3975 IMG_3994 IMG_3990 IMG_3996 IMG_3998 IMG_4003 IMG_3989 IMG_4005 IMG_3970